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Jerry Seinfeld still isn’t sure they made the right choice. “I sometimes think we really shouldn’t have even done it,” he told the audience during a New Yorker Festival interview on Friday night. “There was a lot of pressure on us at that time.

JESSICA Seinfeld has posted a rarely-seen picture of her kids with comedian Jerry Seinfeld, as the family enjoy their summer. The first featured Larry David and the most recent was with Jon Stewart. Asked on Reddit what kind of.

During an interview with Jerry Seinfeld, King let slip that he couldn’t remember how his sitcom ended. What followed was a rant that was only a handful of slap-bass riffs away from being a classic Seinfeld moment. Say what you like about Larry King, but you have to admit that when he didn’t care, he really didn’t care.

Maybe nothing can live up to the legacy of “Seinfeld,” but if you had to chart Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David’s careers following that show, as David might put it, they’ve both been “Pretty, prettyyy, pretty good.” With Seinfeld’s recent.

The lead, Jerry Seinfeld, has focused primarily on reviving his stand-up career, though only part-time. He has also created a web show, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, where he interviews his. on Seinfeld co-creator Larry David’s Curb.

Once or twice a week, towards the end of the day, Jerry Seinfeld leaves the Manhattan. In each of the episodes, which vary in length, Seinfeld collects a fellow comedian in a different vintage car (Chris Rock, Larry David, Mel Brooks and.

S einfeld does 75 minutes now, to considerably better effect, and yet it’s still the same, that feeling his buddy Larry David, the King of Seinfeld County, has recalled as a lone bead of sweat going down your back.

Cenk Uygur Interviews Larry King: Larry King has had a lot of famous interviews in his long-running career, but one of the most controversial was his interview with Jerry Seinfeld.

You didn’t think Jerry Seinfeld‘s directorial debut. Asked by Mr. Cooper where this had come from, Mr. Seinfeld dryly replied, “I did a sitcom in the ’90s.” “Like Larry King, I’m not familiar with it,” Mr. Cooper said, zinging his.

A season two episode featured George, Elaine and Jerry waiting in “real time. The cast included two performers (Michael Richards, Larry David) who would later become integral to the success of “Seinfeld.” Three other “Fridays” cast.

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Legendary American comedian Jerry Seinfeld is on the promo trail with more fervour than we have seen from him in many years at the moment, the rather selective comedian undertaking quite a number of interviews. at he and Larry David.


Nov 02, 2007  · Whether Larry King made a mistake in asking the question or whether he helped Jerry Seinfeld pull off a publicity stunt, Seinfeld showed his true color: He’s an untalented, arrogant jerk.

Larry King went out with a bang. Tonight, on the final episode of "Larry King Live," the veteran newsman, 77, welcomed a slew of guests, including Bill Maher, Ryan Seacrest, Donald Trump, Regis Philbin, Dr. Phil McGraw, Suze Orman and Tony Bennett.

Seinfeld’ debuted on NBC in 1989 and ran for nine seasons, becoming one of America’s most beloved sitcoms — created by Larry David and starring Jerry Seinfeld as a fictional. Stiller starred on the sitcom ‘The King of Queens,’ and has.

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> All I know is one television series that lasted 9 seasons. That is quite an assuming, over-simplified way of putting it. Reminds me of this interview of Jerry Seinfeld with Larry King where King asked if Jerry gave up the show or if it was canc.

Jerry Seinfeld Rips Larry King. about Larry from Bee Movie this entire interview. of All-time and Larry King disrespects him! Also Jerry wasn’t mad he.

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For the most part, Larry King modeled himself on that classic version of the TV interview show. But Larry King was quick. More proof that Piers Morgan is fast becoming this decade’s Jerry Springer.

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Larry Marano / Getty Images By Lily Rothman February 4, 2014 Jerry Seinfeld wants to stay out of the conversation about diversity in comedy, but he may not be able to stay blasé for much longer. In an interview published by BuzzFeed.

And then Larry had gone off to explore other things, and the show sailed along beautifully under Jerry’s supervision, but.

Larry King on His Love of Comedy, Jon Stewart, and Why He Doesn’t Think Brian Williams Will Ever Anchor Again. After 58 years on the air, the veteran interviewer has found that laughter is the best medicine.

Jerry Seinfeld hasn’t had a whole lot to do since his seminal sitcom left the airwaves (completely voluntarily, despite what Larry King might have thought); his surfeit of downtime has been primarily filled slandering his wife’s plagiarism.

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The public profile of Cazzie David, the 21-year-old daughter of Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm creator Larry David, has surged thanks to her ostentatious Instagram feed.

Howard Stern hosted both Jerry Seinfeld and Larry King in the same show this morning, two people who he had mega-feuds with in the not so distant past.

In a recent interview, it was pointed out to Jerry Seinfeld that his Crackle series “Comedians. The entertainment world shouldn’t reflect the real world. What a f**king weird thing to say that you don’t care about diversity. Why wouldn’t you.

Martin Short’s Jiminy Glick interviewed. he asks before Seinfeld’s routine actually puts Glick to sleep. Jerry basically got the idea for Seinfeld the show by making random observations about jelly while shopping with Larry David, so Glick.

BW: Casting Larry David as Bernie Sanders was a no brainer, but even he was number #4 behind Kate McKinnon, Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy among “SNL” impressions this season. Seinfeld on the other hand always delivers whenever he’s called upon. His episode of “30 Rock” is the show at its goofiest and most meta.

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According to Jerry Seinfeld, the secret project. have speculated. During an interview with WFAN’s Boomer and Carton Thursday morning, the comedians revealed it was a “one and done” Seinfeld reunion, but he wouldn’t give many more.

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