Mormon Illuminati Plan to Fake Alien Invasion False Flag Event

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Mormon Illuminati Plan to Fake Alien Invasion False Flag Event

Metal Detecting with Lugnut #54 – Tennessee Cave Hunt

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Our intrepid Detectorist goes detecting in the mouth of a cave and a near by house, in TN (Sorry for the spelling error on the video)! Enjoy!

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Daniel Fernandez | Dedicated 2014

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Dedicated | Youth & Youth Adult Conference
June 25-27, 2014
Las Vegas, Nevada

Daniel Fernandez

Dedicated is the youth and young adult conference hosted by The Church LV and Seven Youth Ministries.

The Church LV

Seven LV

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Holy Angels Catholic Church, Chicago, Illinois, Mass, 6-18-2017 (Fathers Day)

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If you enjoy the presentation of the Holy Angels Catholic Church Masses & other presentations, please consider making a monetary
contribution to help us. Send your monetary contribution to Holy Angels Catholic Church, 615 East Oakwood Boulevard, Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
Holy Angels Catholic Church is the only American Catholic Church “LISTED” as a link listed on The Catholic Church in Africa website:

View the explanation of The Holy Angels Church Mural at:

Father Andrew Charles Smith, Jr., aka Father Drew celebrates the Mass with Deacon Bruce McElrath, Deacon Mervin O. Johnson, Mr.
Tyrone Pittman, Minister of Music & Executive Director of Music of the Chicago Black Catholic Choir. Drummer: Darius Jackson, Mr. Gregory Evans Callaway, Videographer, Cinematographer & Narrator. Webmaster & Extreme Web Developer: Mr. Rex Djere.
Visit our Holy Angels School website at: where Mr. Sean Stalling is Principal.

Oregon Wildlife Control | Portland Bird Damage in Church Attic

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– Oregon Wildlife Control Services

We handle all nuisance wildlife problems and in this video we are doing an attic inspection for an old church that had been having squirrel problems.

When in the attic we found that they had a large amount of bird poop damage that had destroyed the insulation over time. We found the location that the birds and squirrels have been using to enter the attic.

For more information about all wildlife control services in Oregon check out:

For mole and gopher control information head over to

Bat control services in Oregon can be very annoying but we love solving these problems and always do a total live removal of bats. More information here